Shift Leader production
Secteur d'activités : Industrie automobile
Catégorie : productique/mcanique/usinage
Région : Tanger-Ttouan
Pays concerné : Maroc
Contrat : CDI
Experience : 2 5 ans d'exprience
Diplôme : Bac + 2
Langues : Anglais
Salaire : Negociable
Statut : Expirée le : 19/01/2021

Description de l'entreprise et du poste :

Varroc Lighting is member of the Varroc Group family of automotive-components businesses. Founded in 1988, Varroc Group is an emerging global automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, powertrains, electronics, body and chassis parts to leading passenger car and motorcycle segments worldwide.

Varroc Group has 41 world-class manufacturing facilities and 16 engineering centers ?in 14 countries.

The company is a leadin?g global passenger car exterior lighting supplier and the number one 2-wheeler automotive component supplier in India. Varroc offers design solutions that give customers a competitive edge in their markets.

As part of its development, we are recruiting a production team leader

The responsibilities of the Production Shift Leader are:

  • Responsible for the quality of the delivered products for injection molding, surface finishing or assembly, adherence to the technological procedures and control plans for these operations.
  • Control compliance with BP, PO, and the use of protective equipment, protective working clothes and footwear.
  • Responsible for observing working hours, labor and technological discipline of the members of the working team and the entire delegated shift.
  • Manage and coordinate team members.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the day care and cleaning regulations are kept up to date and updated and provide training for activities related to these regulations.
  • Responsible for following swift exchange procedures where he is used, coordinate and responsible for all other tool and device exchanges.
  • Ensure the availability of day care facilities - consumer parts, tools, safety aids, cleaning agents, and so on
  • Responsible for observing the quality of the shift work, satisfying the protocols of the statements according to the drawing documentation.
  • His/her basic duty is to produce good quality according to valid control plans and not to allow the delivery of the defective product to another operation or expedition.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and order of machines, tools, equipment and workplaces, manage and coordinate their scheduled and unscheduled cleaning, weekly- cleaning and crash-related.
  • Regularly evaluate daily disruptions of machines, tools, and devices, and work to remove them.
  • Responsible for the correct and accurate reporting of the output, downtime and shifts results.
  • Work together to create customer protection sheets and 8D for customer complaints.
  • Check, continuously during the shift, the operation of individual machines and equipment.
  • At the end of the shift or work on the machine or device, the Shift Leader is responsible for checking the proper switching off and closure of the power sources, this check is carried out even during preventive inspections and machines or devices in distress.
  • Deliver the following information in a thorough and responsible manner.
  • Responsible for dealing with hazardous substances.
  • Ensure production planning for the necessary time it is responsible for.
  • Responsible for coordinating the creation of minor improvements "KAIZEN".
  • Cooperate with work group leader when deciding disputed employment matters on a shift.
  • Work with work-group leader to evaluate work group members and performance bonuses, cooperate with the production leader in distributing one-time rewards in work group.
  • The shift leader is jointly responsible for the quality of finished products, he has the right and the duty to stop the expedition of poor-quality products and, in serious cases, their production and subsequently to release after the implementation of corrective measures.
  • Responsible for the weekly work group team meetings.
  • Responsible for recording the attendance of work group members and for proper and accurate reporting to the team company database.
  • Participate in regular monthly meetings at a predetermined time and length.

Profil :

  • High school diploma / technician diploma.
  • Minimum of 3 years of related experience in the same position.


  • English language Capacity.
  • Time management, priority setting, planning and organization skills
  • Stress management
  • Developing negotiation & presentation skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to teach others
  • Seeking feedback
  • Providing feedback
  • Actively searches for improvement opportunities
  • Capability to delegate
  • Capability to motivate
  • Focused on Customer
  • Results oriented thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Perform LPA audits according to the level and the planning defined by quality systems.
  • Conduct the LPA audit according to the standard check -list
  • Maintain metrics and targets of LPAs. 
  • Identify non-conformances and areas of improvement and Escalate major NC’s or lack of support. Must respect environment, health and safety rules.
  • Must respect the 5S requirements.
  • Must respect ethics and integrity policy
  • Must wear required (PPE) Personal protective equipment on his position

Ce que nous vous offrons :

  • Contrat CDI
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